Have you been locked out of updating a customer’s log book?

Lately there has been an increase of members unable to update electronic logbooks. Some car brands are denying independent repairers access to update service information. All year we have been submitting complaints to the ACCC on a case by case basis, but we feel that now is the right time to step up our efforts.

Due to this recent increase in reports we will now be making a formal submission to the ACCC supported by a collection of case studies.  It’s obvious to everyone that some manufacturer’s electronic logbooks (we’re talking  about you, Land Rover) are intentionally designed to block out independent repairers from accessing the logbooks and updating service information. Do you have some evidence – even a quick email with the date, time, year and  vehicle model – that’s enough for us!  Or, have you contacted the manufacturer/dealer and asked for access and they have rudely told you where to go? Send us the emails, or a record of the conversation to Elyse Keyser at elyse@aaaa.com.au. Or call Elyse on 03 9545 3333 and tell her what happened.

These actions matter – whatever you do makes a difference, we just need to work together.  We’ve already had considerable success on the wording  of hard copy log books, so It’s worth the effort – we promise.

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